Monday, November 7, 2011

Perfect day for Pizza

Today is one of those cool, dreary, is it going to rain or not? kind of days. Nothing warms me up better on a day like today than carbs and cheese, Baby.

I have a wide range of carbs to choose from. Pastries? Pasta? Pizza? Today is a perfect pizza day.

A few years back, I covered the original location (still my favorite) of Pizza Man (the name might be cheesy, but it is great pizza).

I had overlooked the place due to the name in English, which automatically caused me to assume the worst. A friend of mine took me there for lunch in 2006 and I found myself surprised for two reasons.

First, the pizza was not only good, it was amazing.

Second, I recognized the owner. We'd been on a date years earlier when I was a student in Florence. For the record, he was a gentleman.
When my friend, Mark, found out I'd once been on a date with the king of Pizza in Florence, he immediately exclaimed "Too bad you didn't get together with him! You would have been the queen of pizza!" Think of it, a lifetime supply of amazing pizza. It kills me!

A few months later, I was asked to make videos for a new website (it was not even up yet, very exciting to be a part of the new project!) called Geobeats. They asked me to choose places where I eat and drink and shoot some short videos for them. I immediately thought of Pizza Man, since it had become a weekly visit for me.

Here's the video I did back in 2006:

There are now several locations of Pizza Man restaurants around town. The one I covered is stand-up and to go only. If you'd like to sit and have a more relaxed dinner there are several locations, which can be easily located using this link:

In the video, Pasquale made me a calzone that was to die for. Note: this is not on the menu. There are only about 9 pizzas on the menu, since Pasquale is essentially a purist when it comes to making his award-winning pizzas. There are no sun-dried tomatoes or pineapple at this place. What you will find are the highest quality mozzarella, tomatoes, and other classic, fresh ingredients- like basil, capers, and anchovies.

The Viale Amicis location shown in the video is closed on Mondays, so I'll have to visit the Carlo del Prete location around the corner from my house instead. (I would actually be willing to go across town to the original location: THAT is how good Pasquale's pizzas are.)

By the way, pizzas for celiacs are also available. King Pometto has thought of everything. I could have been the pizza queen, for crying out loud!!!


  1. Love me a Caprese from Pizza Man! Good thing we have one right around the corner from us!

  2. So tempted to get one right now! Dangerously close to my place, too. He's a genius.

    I could have been the Queen, d***it!