Sunday, November 6, 2011

You can take the girl out of Jersey, but...

Awkward me during the conversation.

My mother has said it, my friends have said it. I need to be writing this stuff down. All of it. I tend to get distracted, since I prefer to live in the moment, so writing is given little priority.

That said, I've decided to at least make mini posts to get into the habit of writing again, and I'll add some links of videos and photos while I'm at it.

To start, why not mention my brief appearance on the Jersey Shore? Though I can't divulge much information on how it happened or how it all worked, I am pretty sure it is legally kosher to put a link to the video, and some links to some comments I found on the web that I find extremely entertaining.


"One of the most awkward/hilarious moments in Shore history occurred when Snooki and JWoww got into a heated debate about Nicole's sluttiness in the presence of the unber-snooty wine tour guide." (Read more:

"At the tasting, Snooki doesn’t want to learn history or geography, she just wants f-in’ wine. Remind me again why Italy hasn’t declared war on us because of this show? Finally able to make herself the center of attention, Snooks pines for Jionni while the other girls wonder about her Vinny hook-up. As JWoww so eloquently puts it, the damage is done. Snooki doesn’t want to hear anything her biffle has to say, and the gracious American woman conducting the tasting sits awkwardly at the table throughout the conversation." (Read more: )

DRUM ROLL....... HERE'S THE EPISODE (Season 4, Episode 10):

For the record, I had a great time.

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