Sunday, February 5, 2012

Somming It Up, Week Two

Well, week two didn't go so well. In order to attend class again I need the following ugly uniform:

Grey pants or skirt, Navy blue blazer, Black Dress Shoes, White dress shirt.

Grey, black and navy blue, all in the same outfit????? And a neck scarf that is navy blue and yellow.

The outfit sounds like a flight attendant from the 1980's.

I'm breaking down and buying the stuff tomorrow so I can go to class again tomorrow night. Once I finally wear it I'll post a photo.

In the meantime, I figured I'd share a quick recipe that I love.

This recipe could easily have come to me in NYC. But, please know that the idea to use an apple came from Natalie at a little wine place called Uscio & Bottega here in Florence, Italy. She does all kinds of great stuff with fresh ingredients.

PS: How do you say cream cheese in Italian? Filadelfia!
You'll need:

Sliced bread, soft or toasted (your choice)
High quality smoked salmon
Crisp Granny Smith Apple
Lemon juice (from a real lemon, I beg of you, not the lemon juice sold in bottles!)
Cream Cheese
Before assembling the sandwich, marinate the apple slices in lemon juice for a couple of minutes.
Assemble sandwich: bread, cream cheese, salmon, slices of apple

That's it. And it is freaking delicious.

You can also make an open-face version, crostino style. I've served this at parties and people flip for it. A nice glass of Muller Thurgau or a fruity Prosecco and you're all set.

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