Sunday, March 4, 2012

Monthly Photo Contest

Every month, past guests have the opportunity to send in a photo or photos for the 
Taste Florence photo contest. The prize? 
A free ticket for our Taste the Best tour! That's over a $90 value!

I've gotten a lot of great photos since beginning the contest last year, but 
February takes the cake! I was sent an amazing slide show of breathtaking 
photos of Florence. Mr. Korinek was kind enough to say I can share them on, on my blog, on facebook...

If you've never visited Florence, this will be a nice little taste of the city. Or, if 
you left Florence for work or personal reasons (like many of my friends) this 
slideshow will have you feeling the "Duomo-sickness" once described by 

If you haven't yet sent in a photo or photos, be sure to do so! The contest 
runs every month and is open to guests who have already joined us, or anyone 
who has visited Florence and thinks their photo does a nice job of glorifying 
this already glorious city!
And don't worry, you don't have to compete with talented Walter, since he's 
already won this month! I urge you to watch his slideshow and check out other 
photos on his page! 

Full contest details:

I look forward to seeing your photos! Keep them coming...

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